5 Best TV Tuner For Projector. Reviews And Guide To Buying.

In the case of projectors TV tuners are the only method to take in TV broadcasts, since it isn’t able to replicate the television antenna of the Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT) TV. For HDTVs mirroring is feasible but only in the event that both the projector and the HDTV are smart devices.

The Bottom Line

The TV tuner for projector is typically linked to a bigger antenna at the top or the outside wall of your home in order to get the most effective signal possible. It functions similarly to an ordinary cable or satellite box, however, it only receives broadcasted channels instead of the free advertising TV that is paid by advertisers.

Although broadcast TV is slipping to the sidelines because of the rise of other entertainment options like the Internet and social media the cable television, online streaming from Netflix and Hulu and others it is beneficial to be equipped with a cable TV tuner to watch traditional broadcast television on the large screen.

Types of TV Tuners

Built-in TV tuners

The TV tuners are built in your TV. They display and process signal from free broadcast local cable channels. They work in conjunction with antennas that take in the TV station signals.

Tuners for TV outside

Most TVs don’t have an integrated projector TV tuner. This is a result of technology that is less advanced. To receive TV channels you need to purchase an additional TV tuner.

These are known as DTV convertor boxes. They have TV tuners for receiving and changing digital broadcast signals for free broadcast channels.

There are tuners that can be used for premium cable networks. They are available in the form of a cable set-top boxes equipped with a television tuner that is digital.

Cable channels are encrypted signals. They decode digital signals and display them. All you have to do is join your cable box to your display device.

The external TV tuners are able to be used with a variety of display equipment, such as projectors.

Do projectors come with TV tuners?

Projectors can be used for many different purposes. They are used to making tracing images, PowerPoint, games and even films.

Very few projectors come with integrated TV tuners. They don’t come with TV tuners since they are typically mounted on the ceiling.

If you’re looking to get FTA TV connected to your projector, it’s feasible. It is all you have to do is purchase an additional TV tuner.

5 Best TV Tuner For Projector

Mediasonic ATSC Digital Converter Box

Mediasonic ATSC Digital Converter Box

This is the ideal Mediasonic atsc TV tuner for your projector. It’s budget-friendly and efficient.

This Mediasonic TV tuner converter box receives only FTA (free-to-air) signals. It’s not an actual cable box. It requires an external TV antenna connection to the box.

This tuner for TV offers recording and media player features. The tuner lets you save your favourite program to watch later.

This digital TV tuner with various gadgets, such as computers and projectors. It features a 1080p screen resolution.

It has the most popular channel list as well as parental control functions. It can be connected to your projector with an HDMI cable.

  • Affordable
  • Interface that is intuitive
  • The product comes with USB interface.
  • Simple to record shows
  • Dolby Audio output
  • Coaxial cable is not included



The HAUPPAUGE WinTV Dual HD is a TV tuner for projector that allows you to stream your favorite channels without any issues. The great feature is that it allows you to watch the same channels you are watching in the television set without purchasing anything additional. You can also add more satellite channels you would like to watch and modify them to suit your preference.

There are many benefits to the WinTV tuner. The features it offers can help you enjoy higher quality video and sound. Also, it is easy to find the available channels on the internet. The tuner also has the capability of transmitting a signal when there is power blackout, and will change to the channel that is receiving the best reception.

It has digital TV outputs that allow you to view your preferred digital channels and this is ideal for people who aren’t a fan of having switching their TV channels between on and off. The WinTV tuner can also remove interference from other signals, which could cause poor reception. Alongside these incredible features, it comes with an unrestricted warranty of one year that can help you return the item in case you aren’t satisfied with its performance.

  • Supported by Windows, Plex, Linux and Android
  • Price is reasonable
  • WinTV V8 is completely absolutely free to download and install.
  • You’ll have to purchase an antenna with more power when TV transmitters are not plentiful in your area.

Roku Express

Roku Express

Roku Express sets up in minutes, and the majority of the setup process is automated. You’ll require an active internet connection that is high-speed to begin the process.

Once it is installed on your TV Once it is set up on your TV, the Express gives you users access to the “Featured Free” section that allows you to access videos at no cost.

The free choices comprise news and entertainment channels as well as selected movies , and the most popular network TV shows. Visit the Roku channel store using your remote will provide many channels for free to download.

It’s the Roku Express isn’t an actual “box” and it’s not an actual dongle. It’s a small gadget measuring only 1.5 inches wide, that is made to fit on your TV’s slim frame or on the top of your AV system by a sticky tab at the bottom. Contrary to other expensive models of the Roku line , which include a voice remote Express, the Express requires an unobstructed distance of about a mile in between it’s IR remote, and also the remote.

As the entry point into the lineup, The Roku Express stream in 1080p, however for 4K HDR streaming, you’ll have upgrade towards the Streaming Stick Plus.

Despite its low-cost nature it was surprisingly responsive. Roku Express was responsive -the speed was not an issue and its the process of starting up was relatively quickhowever, the loading of YouTube took a bit longer than Fire TV Stick. Fire TV Stick.

Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One

If you own already got an Xbox One connected to your TV then getting the Hauppauge tuner can be the most efficient method to stream live television channels.

It is a Hauppauge tuner has some benefits that other tuners do not.

You can stop live TV and then watch it for a short time or later later in the daytime. For instance, you could suspend a channel, then come back on it when the popcorn is ready to watch the film.

In addition, you can transmit live TV shows to any device in your home by using Xbox SmartGlass. Xbox SmartGlass app.

One Guide integration allows users to search local TV listings in a snap. You’ll be able find the date when your favorite show will air easily.

However, there’s more.

It is also possible to use your USB TV tuner built into you Windows computer. It’s compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, and 7, however, it can also be used for PCs with Vista or XP.

You can download the WinTV V8 application on your computer at no charge and stream TV channels with the smooth interface.

Overall, it’s one of the top TV tuners you can purchase. This isn’t the most versatile alternative on the market however, it makes watching TV much more comfortable.

  • You can suspend live TV.
  • One Guide integration
  • It works with rabbit ears.
  • Allows you to rewind as much as 30 minutes live television
  • A bit expensive for what’s on offer.

AVerMedia Volar Hybrid Q

AVerMedia Volar Hybrid Q

AVerMedia AVerTV Volar hybrid Q is an extremely affordable TV tuner that can be used with digital projectors. The USB TV tuner can switch from analog and digital TV signals. This is possible thanks to AVerMedia’s unique adapters and converters.

It can play HD (high-definition) audio as well as audio. Other options include built-in DVR as well as auto scanning as well as packet data transfer. Because of the Time Shift function, you can rewind, stop watching or, if needed you can continue.

If you’re in search of a TV tuner AVerMedia will provide you with all the functions and features you require to use your projector. The device is capable of recording programs and you do not have to alter your timetable to sit next to the television precisely when the show is released.

  • compactness;
  • low power consumption;
  • good quality of reception, image and sound;
  • support for all used video and audio standards in analog mode;
  • support for MPEG2 and H.264 HDTV (1080i/720p) in digital mode;
  • individual settings for image, sound, scaling and noise reduction for each channel;
  • lack of automatic determination of the color standard (at the time of testing);
  • limited support for third-party codecs when recording;
  • inability to work with component signal sources;

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Flex 4K ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV: 2/4 Tuners HDFX-4K

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Flex 4K ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV

The TV tuner made by SiliconDust is designed to be high-quality. The tuner is extremely compatible and is compatible with a variety of operating systems. This means that regardless of the device that you use you will have HD videos on your devices. It also allows you to connect popular gaming consoles like Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and XBOX.

The SiliconDust HDMI comes with four tuners to ensure that you can enjoy the high-quality streaming of four TVs at the time. You can however use it to stream HD streaming across at least two different devices, by connecting directly to the router.

The TV tuner you are able to record shows , so that you not miss your most loved shows again. Apart from its incredible performance, it also boasts outstanding build quality. It is constructed with only top-quality materials, so it will last for a long time.

Quality of the streaming through this tuner could be as high as 4K. This means that users can have the highest quality of entertainment. Additionally, it comes with a slim and sleek body that has a minimalist style. It doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t alter the look of your entertainment system.

  • It offers a high picture quality.
  • It’s strong.
  • It is possible to broadcast it on four channels simultaneously.
  • The tuner isn’t very strong and could not include the features that enthusiasts of AV are searching for.

Qualities to Look Out for in an External TV Tuner

The TV receiver is believed as a one-time purchase because nobody wants to purchase a TV tuner over and again. Therefore, it is recommended to buy the most effective for the first time. To get the finest, you’ll need to understand a few aspects to consider when looking for one.

1. Check The Television Signal In Your Area First

The first thing you need to know and take into consideration is the strength of the signal you receive in your local area. There are locations where TV signals aren’t easy to detect when using an antenna that is traditional. If you reside in one of these areas it is likely that you’ll require a satellite tuner to be able to receive signals with ease.

2. HD (High Definition) or SD (Standard Definition) Tuner

The next step is that you must choose between those HD as well as SD tuners. If you’d like to watch HD channels, then you need to buy an HDMI TV Tuner, alternatively, you could opt to an SD tuner too. But, you must be aware that HD tuners are a little more than SD ones.

3. Multi-User Network

It’s something that every person would love, but unfortunately there aren’t any tuners with this feature. The multi-user feature allows you to connect multiple devices to the tuner at one time. If you own multiple televisions in your residence, it’s best to buy an option with this feature on all televisions.

4. Good Quality USB Connection

External tv tuners are connected to the USB that is present on them. This means that you have to ensure that there is no problem in this port, because should you later discover that the tuner’s quality isn’t as good and you’ll need to replace the tuner.

5. Recording Feature

Another feature that is in high demand for tuners is the ability to record. If you’re in a hectic schedule and be prone to miss your favorite programs With the aid with this function, it is possible to set up the recording of the show and then watch it when you are free.

6. Compatibility

While you’re in search of an TV tuner At some point, you could want to utilize it on your computer or laptop. This is why it’s best to select a compatible model. If you’re using an electronic TV like Android or Apple and you want to be sure for a tuner that will work with it.

7. Installation Process

There are individuals who aren’t keen calling a technician for minor tasks that they can do by themselves. If you’re one of the majority of them and you want to avoid this, then find a tuner with an easy installation process. Tuners generally don’t require a complex installation process, which means it will be simple for you to set them up.

8. Cost

Some people might not believe that costs are something to consider in all cases, however, for certain people products, the cost of the product may affect their purchase. When we consider television tuners that are external, it could cost some money depending on the features they offer. The most efficient option for buying the right tuner is to purchase the one that is within your budget and offers the most features you require.

What is the best way to connect my projector’s antenna to my TV?

There are four easy steps to follow in the following steps. You’ll see the television stream on your projection screen.

Switch Off All Devices

Before wiring the antenna tv tuner, and projector. Check to see that these devices are off.

Antenna For TV To Digital TV Tuner/Converter Box

Then, take your antenna or rf cable. Then, locate the Rf interface port beside or behind the tv tuner box. Then, when you have the Rf input port. Plug the antenna/rf connector into the input port for RF of the Tv tuner box.

Digital Converter Box/TV Tuner For Projector

Locate where you can find the HDMI output port on the other side of or behind the television tuner’s box. If you see the HDMI port for output, connect it to your TV tuner/cable box.

Then connect your HDMI cable to the HDMI output port of your TV tuner box. Also, the second end is connected to the HDMI cable. It will go into the HDMI input port of the projector.

To output audio You can connect the 2 RCA aux cable. Connect the 2 RCA to the rear of the cable box or TV tuner and connect it to the speakers.

We will not be able to complete the connection process.

Turn On Your Projector, As Well As A TV Tuner

We now power up both devices. Connect the power cable to the projector. Connect your power cable to your digital converter box. The projector will select to connect the HDMI port. This is where you plug in to the HDMI port.

If you’ve got cash to spend, there are other alternatives available with TIVOand Channel Master.

What Happens If I Own An Receiver?

In the event that you’re using the projection device in conjunction with the receiver. There is just one additional step. Let’s see.

  1. Connect your rf/antenna or rf cable to your digital converter box.
  2. Take then the HDMI cable, and plug it to your digital converter box HDMI output port. Another end is connected to the receiver, plug in the HDMI cable to the receiver’s HDMI output port.
  3. Then, take the second HDMI cable and plug the HDMI cable first to the HDMI output port of the receiver.
  4. Then another end in the HDMI cable connect to the projector’s HDMI output port.
  5. Then, power off every device. Make the output signal as well as input setup. For the receiver and projector.

If you are looking for the audio output. You must determine which port is connected to your audio receiver.

This is also included on your audio system. As per that, you need to take this cable to connect the audio system or speakers.


Television dials are among the oldest type of tuner that has ever been employed. It was popular during the time when television signals were digital. It switched channels and allowed the television to receive the signals broadcast as analog TV.

Digital TV tuners mean that you don’t have to always require television. Connect to your projector to watch larger versions of your shows!

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