How to use your iPhone as a projector?

How To Use Your iPhone As A Projector? 2 Handy Options

You don’t own a projector, but you need one.

It’s good news!

Your can be used iPhone as a projector.

You might wonder, “How?”

We’ve got you covered.

We’ll show you how to use your iPhone to projector. These are the options:

  • Boxes for iPhone projectors
  • DIY iPhone projectors

We’ll also discuss the rumors about an iPhone that has a built-in projector.

Are you ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

Two Options for Using Your iPhone As a Projector

The iPhone is amazing.

They are capable of doing many things.What is the DLP Projector Technology? Play Video

Yes, you can include project images on a screen or wall .

There are two options.

Let’s take a closer look at each.

iPhone Projector Boxes

What is a projector?

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iPhone Projector Boxes

To enhance your viewing experience, it projects images onto the wall.

What if we told you that your iPhone can also do this?

…with the help a projector box

It might seem odd to you to wonder, “How does it work?”

An iPhone projector box simply means a box containing lenses. These lenses project images from your iPhone onto the screen/wall.

Here are the steps to get it set up.

  • Turn off all lights around the room.
  • Choose the movie/video you wish to project.
  • Your iPhone’s screen can be made brighter.
  • It can be placed inside, and angled in such a way that it will magnify the images.
  • Play your video.
  • Close the box tightly. Do not allow any light to filter in.
  • Relax and enjoy.

This allows everyone to watch the video from their iPhones without needing to meet.

A quick side note. This is a fun and creative idea. However, commercial or professional use should not be allowed as it lacks the best quality.


These are the best recommendations for iPhone projector boxes.

The Luckiest of London Smartphone projector is a great way to have fun with your family.

61nUMhT2eXL. AC SL1080 Screens Projector
Smartphone Projector 2.0, Portable Phone Projector

It includes everything you need to assemble it.

  1. An iPhone box that fits securely inside the box (3.2″ x 5.7 ”).).
  2. You can magnify images up 8x larger than your iPhone screen with lenses.
  3. Additional tools to help you set it up.

It’s not only cool, but the design makes it look real.

Luckiest of London also recommends another recommendation.

The Smartphone Projector 2.0 comes completely assembled.

81dAEoaSNeL. AC SL1500 Screens Projector
Smartphone Projector 2.0, Portable Phone Projector

It has a retro appearance. It can also support iPhone.

There’s also the Polaroid Projector.

The iPhone projector box is unique in its shape. It can project the screen up 16cm larger.

DIY iPhone Projectors

You can MAKE your own iPhone projector boxes if you don’t want to spend a lot on them.

You will need a shoebox large enough to hold your iPhone, a magnifying lens, black acrylic glue, and glue

These are the steps to follow once you have all this information.

  1. You will need to glue any flaps in your shoebox.
  2. After the glue has dried, trace the magnifying glasses onto the shoebox’s side. You should also trace the lid of your shoebox.
  3. Use a cutter to cut off the trace you have made. This is the place where you will install your magnifying glass.
  4. You will need to take off the handle of your magnifying glass by either breaking, cutting, sawing or unscrewing it.
  5. Before you attach the magnifying glasses, paint the insides of your shoebox with black paint. The dark will absorb light and prevent it from escaping.
  6. After the paint has dried, glue the magnifying glasses through the hole. Paint the holes’ outside edges to block light from entering.
  7. You can make the shoebox look fancy if you’re feeling creative (although it is not necessary).
  8. Make a stand for the iPhone inside the box. This is your chance to be creative.
  9. Turn the brightness on your iPhone to 100%, and put it upside-down in the box.
  10. Move the phone in the shoebox forward or backward to get the best focus.
  11. Enjoy the moment by closing the lid.

So you see.

It’s easy to make your own!

Rumors about iPhones with Built-In Projectors: Are they True?

There were many rumors about the iPhone 6’s amazing features when it was due to be released in 2014.

Such as a built in projector!

The projector worked as an actual projector, and was capable of producing HD images.

This rumor was quickly dispelled when the iPhone 6 was released. It also had no built-in projector.

This rumor will resurface every time an iPhone model is released.

The iPhone 13 is the latest model, but people still want a built in projector.

It might, if not, happen in the future… When technology is even more advanced than what we can imagine.

iPhones do not have built-in projectors.


Are you without a projector?

No worries.

There are two options for using your iPhone as a projector.

An iPhone projector box is the first option. You can also make your own iPhone projector box.

No matter what you choose, you can enjoy movies/videos with your family and friends.

We hope you found this article helpful!


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