Top 5 Best projector under 100 $

If you wanted to find the best cheap projector under $100 for yourself, our guide will help you do it.

Mini Projector CiBest

Without any question, CiBest W13 is one of the top-rated projectors available for under $100. Its primary goal is to provide visual quality. With support for up the 100% HD resolution and a stunning 2500:1 contrast ratio, this mini projector delivers stunning visual output. The incredible visual output is in line with mid-range television.

CiBest Mini Projector Screens Projector

But, it’s that 4500 Lux of light that make the biggest difference and provides high-quality bright image quality without getting affected by ambient light. If you don’t have a good audio system you won’t get the best entertainment. That’s the reason it has a high-quality stereo speaker. 

The act of watching movies or playing games for long periods isn’t always easy So it makes use of diffuse reflection technology to make the image more comfortable and help save your eyes.

W13 is a compact portable projector that you can put anywhere or take wherever you’d like, without having concerns about weight. But, don’t underestimate the screen size based on its compact design since it boasts a massive 30 x 200-inch screen size from just 2.62-14.8ft away.

With HDMI and SD cards, USB, audio-in, and support for the MHL adapter, you’ll have any issues connecting the device to any media player to enjoy entertainment. 

Another advantage of the projector’s capabilities is it can last for a long time without overheating because it uses the most modern cooling system with low-fan noise.

  • Enjoy full HD video with no degradation
  • Superior lamp lifespan
  • Extremely compact and transportable
  • Brightness isn’t greatly affected by ambient light
  • It’s not getting battery backup

Pvo Mini Projector

PVO is another well-known brand in the market for budget-friendly products that have been awestruck by thousands of customers by the visual quality at an affordable cost. Many believe it is one of the top household mini projectors under 100 dollars as it uses the latest 4.0 screen technology and the latest led light source.


It has 4500 light-bulbs as well as a 2000:1 contrast ratio, the mini projector ensures clarity and brightness of the image, even when it is played in outdoor settings. 

When you purchase this projector, it is guaranteed a stunning movie experience. This is made possible through the full HD playback capability. 

To play your video it is possible to use HDMI, USB, VGA, and AV as well as RCA and micro SD connectors to connect to any source of content and media player.

With a new cooler, users will be able to watch their favorite films for an extended period of duration without having to turn off the mini projector for at least 2 hours. The most important thing is that it has two external speakers built into the mini projector that can provide good audio quality, but it does not deliver when to a large audience.

The maximum screen size you can attain with this mini projector is 180inches and is enough for any size of the crowd. It’s not the greatest in terms of audio however, it makes up for that with its remarkable lamp life of 45000 which promises smooth operation for 10 years.

  • It is easy and quiet to use.
  • Vibrant and sharp visual quality.
  • An adequate number of connections.
  • Short cables.
  • There’s a problem with the audio quality isn’t that great.


ManyBox V501 could be regarded as an obscure gem that might not enjoy a lot of attention in the low-cost segment However, it’s an amazing mini projector not to overlook. According to its specifications, It is equipped with a combination of 4500 lumens in brightness as well as an impressive 2000:1 contrast ratio so that you will get razor-sharp clarity and clarity in each frame.


ManyBox Mini Projector Screens Projector

While it’s a 480p native it will surprise you by the 1080p resolution it is comparable with mid-range models. 

In contrast to other mini projectors, it offers the option of 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio options so that it can be used for a variety of reasons. A great visual experience is not complete without sound quality, and that’s why it has an inbuilt dual speaker that has good clarity and volume.

The slim body size and the light body make the mini projector easy to transport when you require it to project outdoors. To make it easier for you to use the manufacturer has offered an extremely compact bag that is easy to carry. 

To make it appropriate to any situation, ManyBox has given it a screen size range from 36inch up to 150 inches this is a fantastic size for any device that is compact.

It is important to note that you can enjoy large-screen viewing without an enormous setup space which is because of a small 3-12 feet projection distance. 

To connect, you’ll have all the common ports such as HDMI, USB, AV, and 3.5mm audio, which allows you to easily connect any device.

  • Short projection distance.
  • Images are clear and sharp.
  • It is easy to carry and easy to store and carry.
  • Negligible degradation in 1080p contents.
  • The cooling system doesn’t work very efficiently.

Elephas W13

A first glance the Projector ELEPHAS W13 could seem like an ordinary model but once you’ve used it, there’s no way to go back. Built on five layers of the LCD and a massive color depth, this mini projector enhances the viewing experience of viewers by providing high-quality texture and precise color.

Elephas W13 Screens Projector

It is built upon HD native resolution and can provide HD which means you can enjoy the full range of high-definition content without compromising quality. 

The contrast and brightness are crucial in improving your visual quality, and this is why it has a three-fold contrast ratio with 5000 lumens of brightness. Experience clear stereo home theater sound when you watch a movie because the dual speaker provides stereo 3D audio.

When installing the mini projector, it will be difficult to rectify image flaws with the manual optical adjustment options available. 

Based on the number of people and the location, you could easily increase the size of your screen from 32 to 170inches and please all.

Based on the specifications of its manufacturer according to the manufacturer, the optimal projection distance is 2.6-14.5feet, therefore, you must keep this distance to achieve the highest possible image quality. 

Don’t be fooled by its size, as it is equipped with HDMI, USB, VGA, SD card, AV, and 3.5mm audio for connecting.

  • It’s loaded with typical ports.
  • Great clarity and depth in pictures.
  • Wide projection size.
  • There is a lack of keystone correction.


If you are looking to find one of the best cheap projector under 100 dollars, the one you’ll see a lot is the DBPower L12. It could appear like the average mini projector with 800 X 600p native resolution, but it will surprise you with its total HD capabilities. 

DBPOWER L12 Screens Projector

It will play all your HD as well as full HD content to 176 inches screen size and that too with no pixelation issues.

However, you cannot utilize this projector in a compact or crowded space because it has a projection distance of 1.5-5m. Enjoy crystal clear and precise colors in all your images, and the high praise is due to the 3000 lumens of brightness and good color depth.

The contrast of 2000:1 gives you the perfect clarity and clarity in the darkest and most bright areas of the image. To complement the outstanding visual quality, DBPower has added an inbuilt stereo sound that will immerse the user in full-spectrum sound.

Accessing or playing any type of content is a breeze with this projector, as it has HDMI and Wi-Fi display dongles, USB, AV, SD card as well as 3.5mm audio. 

It has a lamp that can last for 50000 hours. lifespan You can put aside all of your possible lamp replacement plans since they will last for 15 years. A combination of sleek style, sturdily constructed, and a more efficient cooling fan makes it an ideal entertainment gadget for your home.

  • Excellent clarity and quality of color.
  • Marvelous lifespan.
  • Wide range of image sizes.
  • Sleek body design.
  • Short power cable.

What should you Expect from $100 Projectors?

In the introduction, you’ll need to make some sacrifices when searching for a projector that falls within that price point. The primary question you’ll have to answer is how bright require the projector is to be. The majority of the options listed here require complete darkness for operation.

Dark spaces aren’t an issue for everyone. If you’re using your compact projector to watch evening movie nights in your backyard like, for instance, or watching movies in a theater-like setting, you don’t have to fret over the lighting.

If you’d prefer to have lighting in the room when you’re watching the show you’ll likely need one of the more powerful lights. 

These projectors won’t be completely visible in daylight and the majority will have trouble in a well-lit space, however, some can be able to handle tiny quantities in ambient light better than others.

Its overall image quality is also going to be lower when using these projectors than you’ll find with a more expensive model. In general, the contrast ratio is generally on the lower side, ranging between 1,000:1 to 3,000:1 depending upon the projector model. 

Practically it means that the blacks won’t be as dark and the colors aren’t likely to be as vivid.

The primary factor that determines image quality, though, is the native resolution. It refers to the screen’s resolution itself, in the sense that the number of pixels that are displayed in each dimension of the screen. 

This is different from what is known as the supported resolution or maximum resolution which is the highest resolution of content that the projector can accept and convert to display.

Each of these projectors can support 1080p resolution, which is pretty much all content that isn’t 4K UltraHD. All of them do not offer any native resolution that high, however, the image won’t be as sharp when compared to if you project it onto a more expensive model.

If this issue is relevant to you is contingent on the kind of content you’d like to see. Resolution is something you’ll want to consider if are planning to use the projector in modern gaming. 

It’s also one of the major factors that render these projectors unsuitable for corporate presentations or other applications where you’ll need to read the words across the screens. If you’re only watching movies and TV shows, however, the lower resolution of these projectors will not be a problem.

What is the matter with what happens to the display?

If you’re trying to set up your projector most cost-effectively it’s not necessary to purchase a screen. There are many DIY options. It is possible to use sheets of blankets or a set of drapes. Colors that are monochromatic be the best. 

White has minimal influence on the picture however, gray shades can be an excellent option to provide more contrast. You could even reflect your projected image directly on the wall if your home has smooth, even patches that are sufficient in size.

Although you don’t have to buy a screen having one could have benefits especially if you’re using a less expensive projector. 

It will help you achieve the best, clearest image that you can, making the most of a poor lamp. Screens range in price between thirty dollars up to a few hundred dollars however, just like projectors, there is no need to pay the entire amount to buy the best quality.

A high-contrast screen is an excellent option when using the LED projection system. They are made to improve their projected image, giving you more clarity than you get with a regular white screen. Choose the best projector, and you’ll be able to purchase the complete set-up at around $100.

BuyersGuide 1 Screens Projector

A Guide to Buying the Top Projectors under $100

Once you are aware of the essential factors, it’s important to be aware of the elements you need to look for when buying the best budget projector. We’ve listed all the important factors that can aid you in choosing the ideal budget projector.

Picture quality and resolution

Even if you’re shopping for a projector that costs less than $100, it is not wise to sacrifice the resolution of the projector. There is a very slim chance of one that can offer more than 720p as its native resolution, but it is recommended that you could avoid going below the 480p. 

A higher resolution not only guarantees stunning visuals but additionally justifies the quality of the source video.

Projection Technology

Based on the requirements of your project It is important to select the right projection technology. DLP projection is the best choice for those who are purchasing a multimedia projector to show movies and entertainment because it has greater brightness and color. 

But, DLP projects are costly and you won’t find projectors that offer this technology less than $100.

In addition to DLP In addition, you can select TFT LCD or LCD LCD technology because they’re relatively affordable and can provide vivid color and sharp images. 

Are our mini projectors worth buying?

They are excellent because they are lightweight in size as well as easy to use. For an effective mini screen, you’ll probably be about $200 or less. We come to the portable nature of miniprojectors.

LED projectors, on contrary, might not have the visual quality like DLP or LCD, but are superior in quality and brightness.

Color and Contrast Ratio

It is the contrast ratio is a crucial element that determines the quality and clarity that the film. The video with a high contrast ratio will treat your eyes with vivid and clear images that are vivid blacks and bright whites.

But, there are fewer chances of achieving a contrast ratio higher than 2000:1 even if you’re under the threshold of $100. Also, you cannot be expecting to get a superior precision in color within the budget range, however, make sure that the projector has a minimum of 16.7m in color capability.


The video quality of a projector is dependent upon the brightness degree. A bright projector will not just provide crisp images, but keep image quality even if it is in the face of ambient light intrusion.

If you are planning to install your projector within a dark space in which case a brightness range of 500-1000 lumens is the ideal choice for your requirements. If you believe that you’ll use your projector inside a room that is semi-lit or outside, you must go over 1000 lumens.

Screen Size

For less than $100 You won’t find an LCD projector that has a large screen size range, and the largest size you can receive is 200 inches. It is possible to choose smaller sizes if consider using the projector in the living room.

Throw Ratio

A projector’s throwing ratio defines how far it is between the projector and the screen after generating a particular screen size. Make sure you get the short-throw ratio between .4-.8:1 because it can assist you in making a large screen size from a small interval. If space isn’t going to be an issue for you, then choose a projector with a screen throw of 1:1 to 1.5:1.


Do you not want to use the projector which is simple to carry and could take wherever you like. If you frequently travel, you must think about the portability of your projector. It is possible to choose a pocket projector or models that have a small design.


Do cheap projectors any good?

Based on our own experience We can say that the cheap projector may not offer amazing performance. However, the quality of its performance is adequate for entertainment at home or official presentations.

What is the cost of a good projector?

There’s indeed no precise price for a quality projector, but it is likely to fall between 50 and $350. The range you think is acceptable depends on your preferences. Some may consider a $200 projector to be worthy of purchase, while others may view it’s a good price projector.

How do projector screens are measured?

The display of a projector is the same as that of a television or computer monitor screen that is, the length of the screen is measured from the upper left corner down to the bottom right side at the bottom right corner. It is an oblique screen size listed in inches and can be found on the specs of each projector.

Every projector has a variety in screen size they can display.

What does contrast ratio mean?

Contrast is defined as a percentage ratio between darkness and brightness on the screen. It is calculated by comparing the whitest part of an LCD screen, and the darkest black to determine the brightness. Thus, 1000:1 means you’re seeing that the light is 1,000 times greater brighter than black.

How do you know if a lamp for a projector ceases to work?

The lamps of projectors have a limit to the amount of time they can last, and they’re likely to end up dying earlier or later. They typically last between 30,000 and 100,000 hours before dying.

But, once the projector’s lamp goes out then you’ll need to buy an additional lamp and replace the previous one to use your projector.

Where can I place the projector?

The ideal place to set the projector is an adjustable tripod stand, or mount it on the ceiling. But even the traditional positioning on a table that has an unread book or two is a good idea – but bear in mind that it will have an angle that is different from the projection angle.

How long can the lamp last on a cheap projector?

The high-end of an item even if it’s a projector that’s priced under $100, as in this instance isn’t a guarantee that it will last for as long as a more expensive projector. The lamps for affordable models could last for up to 10,000 hours before it has the replacement.

What kind of lamp can you find included in the mini projector?

Four lamps can be utilized in a projector and the most popular is the one that is used in the cheapest models are LED lamps. It’s also among the longest-lasting projector lamps that you can utilize, and one that can project more bright images.

Other lamps that are used include Metal Halide lamps, lasers, and hybrid projectors that mix LED as well as lasers.


Perhaps, now you’ve got a clearer idea of what’s available in the field of projectors priced less than $100. Also, what you can be expecting when purchasing any of them. One of the advantages of the LED models is they’re more affordable upfront, but also over the long run. The long life of the lamp ensures that you will never need to replace it. This is great news for your budget given the cost of replacement bulbs for projectors could be.

In the realm that includes cheap projectors, the right option for your home is dependent on the space you have and intended use. You can cut down on frustration by measuring your space for viewing before you decide to shop. It will help you get an understanding of the throw distance you have to use and the size of a display you’d like to utilize.

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