10 Best 4k projector under 2000. Review and Buying Guide.

The majority of houses throughout Europe, America, and around the globe, have at minimum one Projector that can provide entertainment on a variety of levels. It’s a good thing that we have a better option than a decade ago the time when 4k projectors were costly to the amount of tens of thousands of dollars. Nowadays, their costs are in sync and allow you to be found with a top quality best 4k projectors under 2000 easily.

It is hard to imagine that projectors that are priced in the range of $25000-$2500 or less than $2000. That’s the truth of the situation. If buying a high-quality 4k projector has been your wish, it’s now. Explore this selection of best 4k projectors under 2000 dollars and a buying guide. Select the one that is the best fit for you.

BenQ HT3550i True 4K

BenQ HT3550i True 4K Screens Projector

Its picture quality of the BenQ HD3550i is awe-inspiring at this price. Its 4K-quality resolution is backed by a large natural contrast and a six-segment color wheel equipped with HDR-PRO mapping. This means you get an extremely clear, detailed image with cinema-quality color that is vibrant and true to the material it’s derived from.

The BenQ HT3550i is an extremely smart projector, too. Its integrated Android interface is integrated with Google Play, which is the Google Play store, giving users access to over 55,000 apps to watch movies and games, as well as playing music. It also includes Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control systems, but they are restricted to voice search and does not include the playback controls that you’d require to integrate smart home technology fully.

Another thing we love about the BenQ HT3550i is that it’s simple to set up and use. It’s ready to use right out of the box , and it’s calibrated from the factory so that you don’t need to fiddle with settings prior to watching. It will require 8-9 feet to cover 100″ screen, which is less than standard-throw projectors and the addition of options for adjustment like lens shift and keystone correction will give you more flexibility when installing.

  • A sharp, detailed image with true 4K resolution
  • Cinematic color (95 percent of DCI-P3’s color space)
  • Built-in Android TV system for direct streaming
  • Supports screen mirroring via AirPlay and Chromecast
  • Fast, flexible installation
  • In comparison, low lamp brightness
  • Voice commands are limited and can be controlled via voice.

BenQ TK700STi

BenQ TK700STi Screens Projector

The BenQ TK700STi projector is the most powerful 4K projector on the market for gamers. It’s extremely responsive, for instance, having the input lag as low as 4.2ms in full HD. It’s only around 16-17ms when gaming in 4K. Still quick enough to maintain your edge.

Gamers will also appreciate gaming with Game Mode presets on the BenQ TK700STi. Different presets for first-person shooters, RPGs and sports games maximize the brightness and colors so that you can clearly see every single aspect, including in the dark areas of the field. This picture quality is just as good when you’re watching movies and shows with clear detail and precise colors, covering 96 percent in Rec.709 spectrum. Rec.709 spectrum.

Another advantage of the BenQ TK700STi’s design is its simple setup. It’s great for smaller spaces, and requires only 7 feet to create 100″ projection screen. Corner fit correction as well as 2D keystone correction give it great flexibility in placement, too by keeping the image straight even when the projector’s located at an angle.

  • True 4K resolution
  • A bright enough lamp to allow lights-on watching
  • Low lag and display settings for gamers
  • Distance for short throws
  • Wireless casting via AirPlay and Chromecast
  • Android streaming interface, which includes Google voice search.
  • A limited voice control feature and intelligent home connectivity features
  • The lamp’s lifespan is relatively short

Optoma UHD50X

Optoma UHD50X Screens Projector

The Optoma UHD50X might become the best of projectors priced under $2000. It starts with its impressive 3,400-lumen lamp that is enough light to work in rooms with good lighting without any worries. The wide connectivity features less common inputs such as VGA together with HDMI as well as USB and includes all the features for image adjustments that you require, such as an vertical lens shift and wide 1.3x zoom. This makes it easy to put anywhere in your home.

Another aspect which makes Optoma Ultra HD50X flexible it’s gaming capabilities. Its input lag measures as low as 16ms during enhanced Gaming Mode but only increases to around 25ms once you upgrade up to 4K. Its 240Hz refresh rate offers you the same smooth performance on the screen, eliminating issues such as frame tearing or motion blur, which can disrupt your gaming sessions.

From the picture quality standpoint, the Optoma UHD50X is the model that home theater enthusiasts are looking for. It has a the true 4K resolution, with high contrast ratio for crisp details and deep black levels. In terms of color, it utilizes an eight-segment color wheel that has UltraDetail enhancement. This outstanding performance across different kinds of content makes it a great choice for multimedia spaces with multiple uses.

  • Native 4K resolution , with support for HDR10 and HLG. HDR10
  • No blurry motion due to the high digital video processing speed
  • Great contrast and color.
  • Bright lamp can be used at any lighting level
  • Reliable enough to play at a rapid pace
  • Zoom wide, lens shift, and keystone correction
  • There are no smart features, nor direct streaming
  • Relatively long throw distance

BenQ TK850i

BenQ TK850i

Another great option is to consider if you’re looking for an smart projector. The BenQ TK850i is equipped with the identical Android TV interface similar to the TK3550i previously mentioned that lets users stream video and music directly to the projector, as well as mirror the content of a different device via Chromecast and AirPlay. The TK850i also offers the same features of Alexa or Google Assistant voice searches, however, it’s without the playback controls people who want to use smart homes look for.

The BenQ TK850i ideal choice for dedicated home theaters as well as adaptable spaces like living rooms. It’s great for watching sports, and has excellent clarity even for high-speed sports like hockey .

It also has special viewing modes that enhance the image settings for both outdoor and indoor sports. Although the color spectrum is smaller than the other models listed however, its Enhanced HDR Tone Mapping helps to make the up-side and we found that the image extremely clear and vibrant.

In terms of the setup the BenQ TK850i is a bit adaptable. The 3,000-lumen light source is coupled to Dynamic Iris technology, which maximizes the brightness and minimizing the effect on ambient light on the picture. The 10 percent vertical lens shift and vertical keystone correction make it fairly simple to set up in nearly any location.

  • Contrast and high resolution
  • Specialized sport modes enhance image
  • Built-in Android TV interface
  • Supported by Chromecast and AirPlay
  • It supports Google in addition to Amazon voice search.
  • Voice control is restricted to searches
  • It’s not the best choice to play

Optoma UHD38

Optoma UHD38 Screens Projector

The lamp of the Optoma UHD38 puts out up to 4,000 lumens. this makes it a perfect option for rooms with lots of light. It is able to handle some natural light, removing the requirement for blackout curtains in a lot of rooms. This makes it an excellent option for movies in the backyard and other outdoor use in particular since it’s lightweight and weighs less than 10 pounds.

Its Optoma UHD38 is also a highly flexible projector. With its low input lag makes it perfect to be used for games as home theatres and it also has the connectivity needed to accommodate multi-use entertainment sets-ups. It has an VGA connection for gamers on PCs and two HDMI inputs. Be aware that there isn’t a built-in voice control or streaming interface which means you’ll have to connect via wire to access content and network control.

If you’re looking for area, you’ll need relatively large space to accommodate this Optoma UHD38 (around 11-12 feet for 100″ screen). The alignment options are very limited. And while it has 2D keystone correction the zoom is limited and there is any lens shift or rotation adjustment. This makes it difficult to install in certain areas but it’s overall installation process is straightforward.

  • Sharp, high-contrast and true 4K image
  • Cinematic color, with 8 segments color wheel
  • Gaming with low lag
  • Super-bright lamps work in any lighting environment
  • Excellent variety of wired inputs
  • There is no streaming or voice control
  • The image alignment and adjustment capabilities are limited options

BenQ TK800M

BenQ TK800M

The TK800M 4k projector has high range performance that gives a impressive appearance. It is renowned for itsthe ability to differentiate between ranges, picture improvement, low input lag and capturing everything that is 4K video.

Cornerstone revisions make it simple to expand the picture on almost every screen size. The Football Picture Mode makes a shocking sensational experience.

Football Sound Mode is one of the features that makes the projector stand out among the crowd.

The device is powered through HDR10 as well as HLG-enabled content. It is a great help by utilizing BenQ elite projectors that are advanced in HDR.

Full HD 1080p with 4K UHD reduces pixel noise and delivers stunning shots of lush green grass precise close-ups and all the exquisite details. TK800M is also equipped with a progressive 0.47 single-DMD DLP for the projector’s slim profile that is ideal to be used in everyday situations.

It is easy to enjoy games as well as motion pictures, and enjoy the enhanced gaming mode for gamers. Another major feature to the BenQ The TK800M4K UHD is that BenQ color capability is able to effortlessly balance the various types in high visual brilliance or distinctive shades.

Furthermore, the TK800M lets you experience the thrill of watching the Big Game, playing games and watching your favourite 4K TV shows, and gives you the most comfortable seats.

  • Bright and real 4K UHD result
  • Energizing game matches
  • Light in weight
  • 3000 lumens
  • Separate types for outdoor and indoor
  • Boring design
  • Brightness overload

Optoma HD142X

Optoma HD142X Screens Projector

The Projector features two speakers built-in, 5W powerful. This Optoma DLP projector comes with an extremely long-lasting bulb that lasts more than 50,000 hours. Furthermore, it can produce clear images, even on walls that are white and makes it much easier to see.

The projector does not be used to create the 3D effect, and isn’t suitable for the Bluetooth range. However, it comes with an one-year warranty in the event of any issues. In addition the Projector also comes with a simple interface that is a natural blend of options.

  • Compact design
  • Digital display LCD
  • Heavy

Epson 4010 Pro

Epson 4010 Pro Screens Projector

Are you in search of one of the best 4k Projector for bright rooms? If so, then there’s no better option than the Epson Home Cinema 4010 4K. It is simple to use and setup. The user will get the most immersive experience using full HD 1080p video.

The projector can also be used within the realm of 3D and 2D. Furthermore the images are top-quality with 2400 lumens light intensity, which is the ideal choice for brighter rooms. If you’re thinking about installing a speaker or built-in speakers, you can do it.

Let’s discuss the building material that is used in this project. It’s constructed of premium material. Its installation process though can be difficult, but this Epson Cinema projector under $2000 is still a better option to watch movies than the Android television or a voice controlled television!

It is extremely effective and well worth the money. It is also possible to say that it’s the Epson’s top 4K projector for less than the price of $2000. It also comes with a two-year warranty, 90-day lamp warranty, as well as one year of warranty for three-dimensional lenses. The Projector is a very simple interface, with a natural layout of the features.

  • It comes with the image display feature.
  • Ideal for the bright room
  • 3D and 2D display
  • It’s compact
  • Little bit expensive
  • Not portable

ViewSonic X10-4KE

ViewSonic X10 4KE Screens Projector

ViewSonic X10-4KE is definitely one of the most impressive 4K projectors available under 2000. The stunning 4K resolution will provide users with incredible daylight viewing which is not offered in any projector.

What makes it more impressive is the enormous 200 inches screen size and 2400 lumen brightness. These features means that you can have the perfect theater for you at home.

Another feature that can boost its efficiency is Wi-Fi connectivity as well as other options for smart compatibility. Connect it directly to Amazon Alexa or Google voice control to enjoy more advantages. This device’s HDMI or USB-C port inputs allow you to connect it to PCs and laptops to play games or other activities.

It is equipped with an upgraded LED technology that can extend its lamp’s lifespan to 30,000 hours. The lamp uses less energy than other lamps in the category.

The picture quality is nothing less than spectacular. The Rec. 709’s color accuracy and HDR content give you a sharp vibrant color spectrum that is unparalleled. Its compact design allows it to fit in any space. In all this is a high quality projector that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Sharp, bright image
  • Excellent sound system
  • Voice Control
  • Wi-fi compatible
  • Average HDR technology
BuyersGuide 2 Screens Projector

Complete Buyer’s Guide About The Best 4K Projector Under 2000

What are the Five Essential Things in a Projector?

To find the top four-kilo projector under 2000 dollars it is essential to understand the most important features that you’d like to have in your projector, so you can ensure that the projector meets your requirements. Let’s look at the essential features.

Good Optics:

It is possible that you have an idea of optics, which is the term used to describe lenses, light sources, mirrors and lenses that aid in the transfer of the image from the projector onto the screen. The poor optics could result in the image quality to deteriorate and you may end up with an unnatural and blurry image due to poor optics that blur images, make the sharp edge rougher, twists the straight line into curly lines and much more. To ensure an enjoyable user experience purchase a projector that has good optics.

Let’s look further towards how to select the ideal 4K projector less than 2000 dollars.


The brightness is another aspect to consider when buying a projector since the purpose of projectors is to transform an image that is small into a larger one that others can be able to see clearly. Therefore, if you’ve purchased a projector that is not enough bright as it ought to be, your viewers who were waiting to see your slides or videos on the screen might be disappointed since they won’t be able see images and videos with low brightness.

Colour Clarity:

I’ll ask you what you think you’ll need a projector for? A projector is needed to display things on the big screen as clearly as your desktop or laptop is showing. If your computer is showing the color of a light pink against a dark pink background, you’ll want to ensure that your projector was displaying similar hues in its large screen and not yellow or green. This is referred to as clarity of color.

The clarity of color and the color quality are crucial to display an image of good quality. You can try different projectors by asking the storekeeper to show an image and test the color clarity using your eyes.


The method of determining resolution is to measure the amount of pixels that are available in horizontal and vertical directions your projector is able to support. There is a misperception. The more resolution of something, the better quality it should be. But, this isn’t the case every time. For instance the case where the monitor you are using is equipped with an image resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, and you send an image for projection to a 1400x 1050 pixels projector, the image quality will be reduced.

The most effective option is make sure that you match the resolution of the monitor to that of the projector in order to achieve the highest quality outcomes.


We have included this in our guide on how to select the most suitable 4K projector under 2000 dollars because in the absence of a good connection to the source and output, you won’t be able display images or videos on the screen. A projector may come with the HDMI connections or VGA connection or even be wireless, using WIFI or Bluetooth.

Therefore, always search for a projector that allows you to connect all the things you have to ensure you don’t face problems in the future.

For more information: HDMI ports and connections are now the norm due to the fact that HDMI cables are widely accessible and are made available in a variety of dimensions as well. They also provide better sound and video quality.

5 Things you must know before purchasing the Projector

There are certain aspects to consider when considering the purchase of projectors. Therefore, we’ll look at these essential aspects.

  • Always ensure that you have an appropriate throw ratio to ensure that the image you see on your screen is the proper size.
  • Always be on the lookout for the correct brightness. If you’re checking brightness with measurements, ensure that you’re using an ANSI Lumens.
  • Always purchase a projector that comes with the HDMI connection. The reason lies in the fact that HDMI cables offer excellent audio and video quality and are the norm in modern electronics.
  • The lamp’s life span should be considered when buying the projector to ensure you’ve got a rough concept of its maintenance and lamp replacement.
  • The last point is the reason to purchase an equipment. If you’re looking for an item that can be used as an entertainment center for your home, you’ll have to buy one that is different from the ones used by schools and offices. So decide before you buy it.


Projectors can be used to create a TV?

It is possible to use a projector as a TV, however you’ll need be able to link it with an TV box or another streaming device. 4K projectors are an excellent alternative to TVs due to the high resolution and large display at a fraction of the cost.

Do 4K projectors really worth it?

4k projectors are worth getting for the cinematic experience that they offer. With vibrant color, high definition picture, outstanding high contrast ratios, and low input lag and excellent sound quality; you should not overlook it if you can afford it.

Is 4K Image Quality Better Than 1080p?

The 4K image quality is better than 1080p because of the higher contrast ratios and higher light output when using such high resolution. A 4K projector will transform your living space into a cinema at home.

What kind of maintenance is required to be done by 4k projectors?

Modern 4K projectors do not require frequent maintenance. The only thing that is required is the occasional cleaning of the lens using the correct cloth, and changing the lamp once it has reached it’s life.

What Aspect Ratio is 4K?

If you’re interested in learn more about this issue in a scientific manner, then buckle up the seatbelts. 4K is a standard cinema resolution of 4092 x 2160 pixels which when properly calculated is the aspect ratio of 1: 9:1. This is logical since the majority of films filming was done with these ratios.

What is the Maximum Picture Size of a 4k Projector?

The largest size of images for a 4K Projector less than $2000 can be capable of showing is 300 inches. With such a powerful projector it is necessary to have an large screen to make full use of it. But, the ideal picture production using sharp, crisp images is approximately 150 inches.

Is 4K better then 1080p?

Let’s define the resolution of 1080p and 4K. The resolution of 4K is actually 3840 x 2160 and 1080 resolution is 1920 by 1080 pixels. If we continue the other side 4K technology, we would see more than four times the pixels of pixels on the screen as compared to 1080p.
Learn about the advantages of 1080p projectors, and then choose the most suitable one for your needs.

This vast difference definitely provides 4K projectors with an advantage and it is possible to conclude that with no doubt 4K projectors are superior to 1080p. They feature higher light output, better optics and lenses, higher contrast ratios, less noise, longer lamp life, better color and clarity, and so on.

Final Verdict

For the majority of people this model Optoma UHD50X is likely to be the ideal all-round option for a living space and home cinema. It comes with a high picture quality, is simple to set up and operate, and comes with low enough lag to suit most gamers. But serious gamers should look at the BenQ TK700STi. This offers the lowest lag of the list and also an optimized image for gaming. In bright rooms such as you’ll find that the Optoma UHD38 is your winner and the voice search options available on the BenQ HT3550i as well as TK850i are excellent for smart home owners.

I hope this guideline will help you understand the major distinctions between these projectors. These are all budget-friendly ways for bringing Ultra HD resolution to your home. Whatever you require from your home theater projector needs, any of the options listed above can meet the needs!

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